The Bridge Between Burglary and Shoplifting


Theft is a crime that can be considered a misdemeanor depending on the amount of goods stolen. In some special cases prosecutors are pursuing more severe charges of burglary, which is a serious felony charge with significantly higher penalties of prison time and fines. This concerning courtroom trend can turn a case of what should [...]

The Bridge Between Burglary and Shoplifting2019-12-12T15:00:26+00:00

Understanding Charges of Theft in Tennessee


There are too many different categories of theft offenses in the state of Tennessee to address in detail in a single blog post. However, this article is intended to cover the high points of theft charges in Tennessee and how you can address those charges against you. A common example of theft would be an [...]

Understanding Charges of Theft in Tennessee2019-12-12T15:01:24+00:00
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