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In 1916 New York City adopted the first zoning ordinance. Since then, zoning regulations have been adopted by virtually every major urban area in the United States.

Land use and zoning has to do with the regulation of the development and use of real estate. Zoning regulations and restrictions are used by municipalities to control and direct the development of property within their borders.

The purpose of zoning is to preserve property values, and make towns and cities more livable and organized. Nashville has laws which govern how individual parts of land can and cannot be used.

What are Zoning Regulations?

The basic purpose of zoning is to divide a municipality into residential, commercial, and industrial zones or districts. These are for the most part separate from each another, with the use of property within each district being fairly uniform. Within these three main types of districts there usually will be additional restrictions that can be quite detailed, such as:

  • Specific requirements as to the type of buildings allowed
  • Location of utility lines
  • Any restrictions on accessory buildings, building setbacks from the streets and other boundaries
  • The size and height of buildings
  • The number of rooms

Local governments will usually divide the city or town into sections called “zones”. Each of these designated for a particular use, such as residential homes, commercial businesses, agriculture, manufacturing, and so on. This process is called “zoning.”

Zoning not only serves residents, but it also serves also the interests of companies as well. By ensuring that there are places where heavy industry can take place, well-planned zoning regulations will ensure that industrialists are free to practice their trade, and that residents will not be disturbed by those activities, which makes industry more efficient by helping it avoid costly lawsuits.

Who enforces zoning laws?

Often the local government has a zoning administrator who is responsible for enforcing zoning laws and regulations. Many locations require a zoning permit or approval when a business license or building permit is being applied for. The zoning administrator can issue “stop work” orders or may even start legal action against someone who is violating zoning laws. Sometimes the city or county attorney will become involved and may file for an injunction.

Whether you need to get an easement in order to reliably access your property, are looking at property for a new business, or have other land use and zoning law questions, look at hiring a Zoning Attorney Nashville today to help you and your company ensure the smoothest execution of your goals and projects.

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What Is Real Property Law?

Real property law, also called land law, is a specialized kind of law that concerns real estate, land use and property. Real property differs from private property in that private property refers to anything that can be moved (vehicles, furniture, possessions, etc.) while real property concerns land itself and anything immovable on it (homes, development, minerals in the land, etc.).

You may need an attorney specializing in real property law if you have a complicated land dispute, have received a codes violation, want to pursue a permit or license for your property, or are interested in establishing new property rights or enforcing well-established rights.

Land Disputes - Ben Powers, Nashville attorney-at-law

Land Disputes

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Code Violations

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Permits and Licensing

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Property Rights

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