Ben knows that no matter the case type, it is always important for him to first understand his clients’ goals, motivations, and their story – in addition to the laws that surround and govern their case. Each case is as unique as the people involved in it. Ben never forgets that his clients are more than a docket number, an incident report, or a case number.

Objective analysis and appreciation of the factual nuances in each case are the touchstones of Ben’s legal representation which have enabled him to achieve countless successes for his clients across Tennessee.

Ben has purposefully tailored his practice to be as comfortable in a courtroom as it is at a negotiation table. The path to success is rarely a straight line unobstructed by obstacles. With this practical understanding at the core of his legal practice, Ben is prepared to navigate the path that lays ahead for his clients regardless of how the path may try to intimidate or dishearten his clients from travelling it successfully.


Ben’s extensive experiences with criminal cases, both as a defense attorney and as a criminal court law clerk, have forged a defensive skill set apt for challenging any criminal charge. Confront your defense with Ben’s legal powers on your side.

Ben Powers’ experience in civil litigation has helped individuals have a voice, small businesses establish themselves and grow, and large companies resolve intricate disputes.

Ben Powers can handle your real estate needs from complicated land disputes to codes violations. Offering deed preparation, landlord defense and much more, Ben is capable of facing any challenge you might throw at him.

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Exceptional Representation

Ben is a very thorough and competent professional who always had our company’s best interests in mind. I was always informed and I always felt like our company was in very good hands. He never missed a scheduled meeting and he always took my calls. What I especially liked about Ben was his ability to remain calm in throughout a strenuous negotiation period. I highly recommend Ben Powers.


Absolutely Amazing!!!!

I retained Mr. Powers after being sited for driving on a revoked license. Throughout the entire process, he kept my mind at ease by giving me encouraging words and answering any questions I had as they came up. He made me feel like I was his only client. I got a more than satisfactory outcome to my case and he will be my go to attorney from now on if the need should ever arise. Thanks, Ben!!!

Virginia Wair

Intelligent Strategy

After vetting out several top lawyers in the area I ultimately chose to go with Ben Powers III because he looked at my case from every perspective, helped me understand case law, was straightforward with contract, and payment made simple in an online system.Under Ben Power’s strategy and advice I received a favorable outcome far exceeding expectation. If I would give 10 stars I could. Thanks Ben Powers!



On first meeting Ben, his initial statement was “we will make your first court date your last”, and was committed to just that. He not only fulfilled his statement but also went the extra mile.


Proactive, Professional

Ben went out of his way to be proactive for my case. He was thorough, prepared and professional and I am very pleased with my the results. I would recommend him to family and friends.


Order of Protection

Countless kudos to Ben Powers for an outstanding job representing me. He handled everything in a calm and professional manner while explaining the whole legal process. He went out of his way to make sure I stayed informed and updated on my case.. I would highly recommend him!



Attorney Ben Powers has worked very hard to get my case resolved. He is very determined and professional. Listened to all my proposals and gave me the best legal advice that one could get. Definitely was a great choice and highly recommend to anyone that is in need of representative as Mr. Powers.

Yevgeniny Voschina

Ben Powers

Would highly recommend. Very helpful and straight to the point on anything I asked about my case. Will not beat around a bush. Has been extremely helpful through my case. Will be honest and truthful about it all.


The Absolute Best

I hired Ben to represent me in a time of need. He quickly put my mind at ease but was honest with me about any outcome that could possibly occur from worst to best case scenario. It ended up being a best case scenario and Mr. Powers did everything he said and more. Ben is not only a great person but a wonderful attorney whom I would recommend to anyone I care for to help them get the best outcome in their own situation. Thank you Ben! I am forever grateful.


Traffic Ticket

Mr. Powers did an outstanding job representing me. He and his office handled my case with the utmost professionalism and communication was prompt and easy. I could not ask for better representation and would highly recommend his services.


An Attorney You Can Count On

I contacted Ben less than 24 hours of my court date. I called and received a call back from Ben in less than an hour. He spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me explaining every detail of my case and giving me all my options. He had no obligation to do so considering I was not yet his client. I appreciated his help so much. He closed my case within two court dates and followed through on his word. Ben was exceptional and I highly recommend him.


Ben is the Best

I hired Ben to represent me through a domestic violence case. He made a careful, genuine effort to understand the situation and my involvement, which led to a positive end result that exceeded all expectations. He was quick to communicate any changes, updates, or suggestions so I never felt “out-of-the-loop” or uninformed. My input was considered, my questions answered intelligently, and my best interest always kept at the forefront. Having Ben on my side provided comfort and trust during a time I had little of both.


Best Choice We Made!

I’m so glad we made the right choice in hiring Mr. Ben Powers, we live out of the state of TN we are from Oklahoma and while driving through the state of TN my husband got pulled over and got arrested. Being that we live out of state it was really hard to find a lawyer we could trust and not meet face to face but thank God we found Ben that took on the case and did an amazing job!!

Natali Martinez

Make the Right Choice and Hire Ben Powers

Ben Powers is an honest, intelligent, and caring lawyer. He explains every potential scenario of your situation and fights tirelessly to ensure that his clients receive the best outcome. Ben fought hard for my case, I personally viewed him doing so within the courtroom, and earned me a fantastic outcome. I was completely impressed with Ben’s professionalism, attentiveness, and knowledge. Ben knows the law field thoroughly. He maintains an open line of communication throughout your case and continues to afterward. Do not hesitate to contact Ben if you are in need of legal council!


Great Service, Advice, and Attitude

I was very pleased with Mr. Powers’ services in regards to me case. He was always crystal clear with me on what our plans were, what possible next steps we could take, and what final result he would fight for regardless of the circumstances. Being that I was very emotionally sensitive to what had occurred with me, Mr. Powers was always supportive and understanding of my feelings. I would recommend his services to anyone that comes to me looking for legal advice.


Great Lawyer

Gave me a consultation basically for free. Answered the phone when he was able and always returned the call if he missed it.


Ben the Powerful!

Ben is by far one the best and brightest lawyers I have ever hired. He was very helpful and thorough with the details of my case. Not only did he treat me like a true, valued client, he was able to get the results I desired and truly made a great impression and an overall excellent experience. I would highly recommend Mr. Powers to anyone in need of law advice or help. Thanks again Ben!


Legal Review for Benjamin Powers

I found myself in a legal situation which could have an outcome requiring me to possibly serve time in jail. I contacted Mr. Powers after a referral. Mr. Powers immediately put my mind at ease and was extremely attentive and professional with our consultation. In addition, I was extremely impressed with his follow-up and his availability. I felt as if I was his only client due to the fact he always took time to answer my questions thoroughly. I cannot say enough for this attorney’s knowledge of the law and professionalism.


Coolest Lawyer Ever

Received a citation for DUI and I was freaking out. Went to Ben’s office for a consultation and left with a lawyer confident that he could get that charge reduced to reckless driving. Fast forward a few months and he did just that. Not only did I get a lesser charge, I received fairly minimal penalties. In addition to doing all that he could to get a lesser charge, Ben was also very willing to work with me as far as his compensation was concerned. I appreciate all Ben has done for me and while I hope to never need another criminal defense lawyer EVER AGAIN, I would definitely give him a call if I did. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone!


Hire Him

I hired Ben Powers for a case and he was excellent. He knows the law and was able to help me get my case expunged. If you need help with your case give him a call.


Fantastic Lawyer!

Ben defended me in a DUI case and beyond exceeded my expectations with his handing of my case! His personality is very calm yet confident which also followed him in the court room. He was extremely thorough and always made himself available to address my concerns. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case! I highly recommend Ben!


Caring, Knowledgeable, Diligent = Total life saver!

Ben was absolutely wonderful. During one of the scariest times of my life, he was able to guide me through it and was extremely comforting along the way. He was super proactive in following up and making sure all the details were taken care of throughout the process. There’s no way that my case would have had the outcome that it did without Ben’s diligence and knowledge of the court system. I can confidently say that there is no one else I would have trusted more in this situation and I am so grateful to have been referred to Ben. Stand up guy, for sure.


Great Job!

Ben did a great job handling my case. I’m not up to par with TN criminal law, so Ben laid it all on the cutting room floor of what my case was, what could happen, and so on. Everything went well, and saved me a lot of time.


Drug Charge

I hired Ben to represent me. Ben is a smart, young attorney that knows his stuff. Ben explained to me in ways I could understand what was going on. He was always by my side every step of the way. I had my vehicles seized and Ben was able to get them back for me at much lower price. He also saved my reputation. I could of been charged with a felony, Ben was able to get me probation. Ben is a genuine person that will fight for you. I feel I have built a friendship with Ben. It’s not at all about the money with this man. I recommend Ben Powers to anyone that needs an attorney because he will fight for you tooth and nail.


Ben “Super” Powers

Ben “Super” Powers has handled several things for my company since the beginning of the year. Always very helpful and informative! Kind of funny too… Thanks Ben!!

Gracie Slate


Put Ben’s legal powers on your side.