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18 07, 2019

Orders of Protection: How They Work in Tennessee


We're often asked the questions, "How does a protection order work?" and "What's the difference in a restraining order and an order of protection?" Protection orders in Tennessee are a complicated subject. The attorneys at Legal Powers of Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas are prepared to help you through the process of an Order [...]

Orders of Protection: How They Work in Tennessee2019-09-23T20:46:31+00:00
29 08, 2017

Not All Contracts Are Created Equal


I have had several clients arrive in my office because they made the ill-advised decision to draft their own contract, or even worse Google and use a contract from online, and then found themselves in a situation they never contemplated happening or at least didn’t appreciate the risk of happening when they entered into their [...]

Not All Contracts Are Created Equal2018-01-05T15:04:46+00:00
22 08, 2017

Put it in Writing


Oral agreements and written agreements are enforceable in Tennessee. Even so, it’s a good idea to put any agreement you enter into in writing and have the parties intending to be bound by the agreement (including yourself) sign it. It’s a great idea to consult an attorney when drafting an agreement so that a knowledgeable [...]

Put it in Writing2017-11-03T14:50:47+00:00