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Having a drug possession charge can be a stressful and uncertain situation without a strong drug possession attorney on your side – especially when facing drug possession charges that may be hard to understand such as when you may have been riding in a car with a friend, get pulled over, and then find yourself charged with drug possession for drugs found in your friend’s car. How can this happen?

“Possession” in Tennessee doesn’t always require you to be holding an illegal substance in your hand or in your pockets for police to say that you possessed the substance.

Instead, there is a legal concept known as “constructive possession” that allows the State to charge individuals for possessing illegal substances even when no one involved was literally holding the substance. This concept is used liberally by investigating officers to charge people with drug possession offenses.

How is Constructive Drug Possession prosecuted in Tennessee?

There are two key components that the State must prove in order to pursue a drug possession case against you on the theory of “constructive possession.” The required components are:

  1. knowledge of the drugs in question; and
  2. intent to maintain control and dominion over the drugs.

Additionally, the surrounding facts of each case may determine the strength or weakness of an officer’s constructive possession claim against you – such as how close were you to the substance, where was the substance found, did you make any statements to the officers, (if found in a vehicle you were riding in) who owns the vehicle the substance was found in, and multiple other factors.

Felony drug possession cases may have issues that a knowledgeable felony drug attorney can attack in your defense. Such as the way the officers involved investigated your case, the way that evidence was collected against you, and the scope of any search that resulted in the officers recovering evidence against you.

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Legal Powers can also defend simple possession charges as well.

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