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Ben has worked with some of Nashville’s most respected names including the Honorable Judge Mark J. Fishburn, Division VI, Davidson County, Tennessee, Criminal Court.

After graduating from Belmont College of Law, Ben served as judicial law clerk for Judge Fishburn. Ben was responsible for researching complex legal issues and drafting opinions of the Court. During his time as a law clerk, Ben garnered a deep understanding of Tennessee law; as evidenced by Ben’s work with Judge Fishburn that has been upheld by Tennessee’s Court of Criminal Appeals.

Under the guidance of Judge Fishburn, Ben developed a keen eye for case analysis and acquired a unique awareness of the law that he brings to every case. Ben, also, established lasting relationships within the court community that continue to be invaluable contributions to his understanding of the legal system and the various ways to navigate it successfully.

After serving as a law clerk, Ben transitioned into private practice. Ben maintains a diverse caseload. His variety of work includes civil litigation, starting and guiding businesses, resolving real property matters, and criminal defense. This juxtaposition of varying disciplines equips Ben with remarkable agility in his legal strategy.

Ben knows that no matter the case type, it is always important for him to first understand his clients’ goals, motivations, and their story – in addition to the laws that surround and govern their case. Each case is as unique as the people involved in it. Ben never forgets that his clients are more than a docket number, an incident report, or a case number.

Ben Powers brings his competitive spirit to the courtroom and to his personal life. Whether he is attacking his next goal as a rock climber or tackling his clients’ challenges, Ben demonstrates the same enthusiasm for success.

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