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In Tennessee, Simple Assault is a defined as when a person:

  1. Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another; or
  2. Intentionally or knowingly causes another to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury; or
  3. Intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another and a reasonable person would regard the contact as extremely offensive or provocative.

As the definition above shows, there are several ways that someone may be charged with Simple Assault in Tennessee. However, Simple Assault charges are rarely straightforward. Often, Simple Assault charges in Tennessee are complicated by the facts that led to the alleged assault, involve witnesses that are biased, and are clouded by the emotions surrounding the alleged assault.

That is why you should have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side who knows the law and how to use it to your advantage, who can tell your story effectively and challenge the evidence or witnesses against you, and who can provide you with reliable advice as you navigate the criminal justice system together.


In Tennessee, Simple Assault is a Class A Misdemeanor that, if convicted, come with the possibility of up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a $2,500 fine. A Simple Assault conviction is permanent and carries with it negative consequences outside of the courtroom. A Simple Assault conviction permanently on your record can impact your ability to qualify for housing, can limit your employment opportunities, and can affect your personal relationships.

The Importance of Hiring An Attorney:

Franklin, TN attorney Ben Powers has the experience you need for Simple Assault criminal defense.

Do not fight a Simple Assault charge alone.

The alleged victim of the assault is not alone in his or her prosecution of you; he or she has the District Attorney’s Office and the force of the police department on their side and against you. That is why if you are facing a Simple Assault charge in Tennessee you too should have a team. If you are under criminal investigation for Simple Assault in Tennessee or charged with Simple Assault in Tennessee then you need a strong criminal defense attorney on your side who knows how to evaluate a Simple Assault charge, who will advocate for you and your rights, and who will give you reliable advise as you navigate your criminal case.

If you are under investigation for Simple Assault or if you have been charged with Simple Assault in Franklin, Nashville, or the Middle Tennessee area, and want a fierce criminal defense attorney on your side fighting for you and your rights then contact Legal Powers, PLLC today for a free consultation to see why our representation is right for you.

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