Madeleine is a Texas native who moved to Nashville in pursuit of her love of music which culminated in her graduating from Belmont with a Bachelor’s degree in songwriting. Through her Bachelor’s degree Madeleine focused her ability to creatively communicate stories and express viewpoints.

Madeleine is also a graduate of Belmont College of Law. Madeleine’s hard work ethic and experiences while attending Belmont College of Law, both in and out of the classroom, equipped her with a unique and formidable skillset that she brings to every client’s case. In the classroom Madeleine excelled in her grasp and understanding of complicated legal concepts. However, it is her work outside the classroom as a law clerk that trained her eye for detecting the opposition’s flaws and vulnerabilities in every case she handles.

Madeleine had the privilege of serve as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Mark Fishburn in Nashville, Tennessee. Under Judge Fishburn’s guidance, Madeleine acquired a unique perspective of the courtroom and how Tennessee’s legal system operates. She also acquired the practical, hands-on, skills necessary to be a fierce and effective advocate. Additionally, Madeleine’s experience as a law clerk afforded her the opportunity to make lasting connections throughout the Middle Tennessee area and in the Nashville legal community.

Whether its defending you against criminal allegations, making sure that your interests are protected in a contract, or combating accusations lobbed by your opposition in a civil lawsuit, you want Madeleine by your side and on your team.

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Madeleine’s Texas grit, her compassionate character, and her ability to creatively tell your story – from your point of view and with your interests in mind – affords you with an advocate who values you and your story. Madeleine makes sure that you are seen and heard for who you actually are – not who you are alleged to be.

If you want an attorney who will provide you with zealous advocacy and compassionate counsel, Madeleine Snow Hickman is the attorney for you.

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