Legal Powers Attorney interviewed about client charged for DUI, tests show client sober at time of arrest

Williamson County nurse and single mother, Katie Slayton, had a rare day off. Taking advantage of her chance to run some errands, she dropped off her five-year-old son at a daycare for a few hours. But that simple action led to her arrest — and the loss of her son to state custody for nine weeks.

Much to Slayton’s surprise, one of the daycare workers had called the police because Slayton seemed “off” and they worried she might be driving while impaired. But Slayton had not been drinking. Aside from a normal level of medication for her ADHD, there were no drugs or alcohol in her system. Her blood test would later confirm this.

Unfortunately, because she was exhausted from working long shifts earlier that week and was rattled by what was happening with the unexpected arrival of the police, she failed to pass a field sobriety test. And to her stunned disbelief, she was wrongly arrested for DUI and felony child neglect.

Legal Powers represented Katie Slayton and succeeded in getting all charges dropped.

Nashville ABC affiliate WKRN interviewed Ben Powers about this case. Click here to read and watch the story on WKRN.